7 Hours of Techno

Where the awe-inspiring sounds of techno music from Detroit and Berlin will be brought to life in our mystical 18th century Church, hidden deep within the heart of Brussels.


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Welcome To Anaya

Where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate their love for techno music. Where music washes over them, carrying them to a higher state of consciousness.

One Night. Boundless Possibilities.

But Anaya is more than just a celebration of music and art. It’s an invitation to transcend the limitations of the physical world and explore the power of community.
Prepare to embark on a transformative journey for the mind and soul. Our land of techno will carry you to a world beyond imagination, where the possibilities are limitless and the magic of sound and vision knows no bounds.

3D Screen Animations

Unique photorealistic screen animations for the ultimate visual experience.

Visual Lightshows

Enhance your soul and warm your heart with custom made lightshows to make one with music.

5D Audio

Experience sound like nowhere else. Our team has setup a one-of-a-kind 5D audio system.

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Secure your tickets now and transcend the limits of reality with us
as we celebrate the finest techno tracks.

Main Floor

Get granted to access the doors of our temple for one night
  • 1 Ticket – Night Pass
  • Main Floor Access

Level 1

Want to get the most out of the Anaya experience? Level 1 is for you
  • 1 Ticket – Night Pass
  • Level 1 Access
  • Main Floor Access

Interested in our VIP experience? info@anaya.be

Your Temple of Techno

For one night, our old church from the 18th century will be transformed into the Temple of Techno. Where the possibilities are limitless and the magic of sound and vision knows no bounds.

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